2Tank Dive Hostel REVIEW | Cozumel, Mexico

I recently finished my eight-night stayed at the 2Tank Dive Hostel in beautiful Cozumel, Mexico. If you’re not going to read this entire review, I strongly recommend staying at this seven-room, 38-bed hostel that can sleep 40 people!

Located at Av. Benito Juerez 120, Centro, 77600 San Miguel de Cozumel, Q.R., Mexico, the 2Tank Dive Hostel has the best location on the entire island! There’s no lodging with such a prime location! It’s literally a straight two-minute walk from the ferry port which brings you to/from Playa del Carmen.
Outside the 2Tank Dive Hostel and to the left 35 steps is Woody’s, a restaurant with great live music. You can enjoy the music by eating at the restaurant, standing in the pedestrian walkway or chilling at the hostel doors (with inexpensive beers from the 711 that’s next to Woody’s.)

Hostel Life:
The 2Tank Dive Hostel has an amazing vibe. Super chill! Hell, there’s a hammock and beanbag chairs in the lobby!

There’s a small kitchen in the hostel for the guests to use for those who enjoy cooking.

This is the fifth hostel I’ve stayed in and is by far the most social hostel of them all. I’d say 95% of the guests are divers or are getting certified by the 2Tank Dive Hostel PADI instructors. You know you have at least one common interest with whoever you start a conversation with at the hostel.
I met people from all over the world during my eight days here — Canada, Switzerland, Denmark, France, England, Germany, Hungary, Australia, South Korea, Brazil, Mexico and the United States (Colorado, Texas, Minnesota, Arizona and yes, Florida, too).

The 2Tank Dive Hostel is extremely clean…. Watch the video below to see what I mean CoughUVCough. In the mornings you’ll see the staff cleaning and mopping the facility.

The staff is great and willing to help any way they can. Gabo who was there nearly my entire stay is one of the “PADI Dive Resort’s” DMs. He works the desk and guides divers.

While I enjoyed my stay at the 2Tank Dive Hostel, there are a few things which I would put on the cons list:
• Rooms do include cold AC, but it’s only powered from 8pm-8am. The rooms do get warm during the middle of the summer days. The lobby does not have air conditioning.
• I believe the hot water is solar or sun powered. During the day you’re able to get a warm shower, but at night it’s cold.

Scuba Diving With 2Tank Dive Hostel:
The Enigma II is the boat owned by 2Tank Dive Hostel. The hostel handles transportation to/from the boat which is docked a 10-minute drive from the hostel. I believe the dive boat is a 10-pack. There’s no dive platform so divers roll off the sides of the boat.

Dives I Did With 2Tank Dive Hostel:
• July 16, 2017 C53 Felipe Xicotencatl Wreck & Tormentos Reef
• July 17, 2017 Palancar Caves & Columbia Shallow
• July 20, 2017 Santa Rosa Wall & Yucab Reef
• July 21, 2017 Palancar Horseshoe & Punta Delila

The dives were AMAZING! The reefs were alive, healthy and full of life. Gabo’s knowledge of the dive locations made the dives even better!

Gabo considered my dive requests when picking the dive sites. The night I checked in, I told him, “I really wanted to check out the C35 Wreck and I don’t want to repeat a dive spot.” I ended up LOVING Palancar and was willing to explore it again. When I heard someone mention “Palancar” on my last dive day, I got excited and Gabo brought us to a different part of Palancar (first Caves then Horseshoe). It was a win!

Enjoying the music of Woody’s from the 2Tank Dive Hostel. With Janine (Switzerland), Steve (Australia), Pedro (Brazil), DigitalGreg (USA)

2Tank Dive Hostel Pricing:
A single bed in a 8-bed room starts at $11.79usd per night.
A private rooms (2 beds, sleeps a max of 3) starts around $33usd per night.
They offer discounts / free lodging when you get certified with them.

This is not a promoted or sponsored post. My friend and I split the $259.28usd bill for eight nights in a private room with two beds (room 69).

REVIEW of the 2Tank Dive Hostel in Cozumel, Mexico

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