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If you have a product or service that demands to be seen by scuba divers, we can bring an honest and fair review to your target audience. To have your scuba related product reviewed, a non-returnable full size sample must be provided to give us the ability to accurately complete the review. Reviews are posted within 4 weeks of receiving the product, unless other arrangements are made. Reviews will feature the following:

  • Specs of the product
  • Our experience using it, what we liked about the product and what improvements we would like to see in the future
  • Short company bio
  • photos of the product being reviewed
  • Links for viewers to purchase the product on Amazon
  • All reviews will be optimized to be found by search engines (SEO)
  • All reviews will be promoted via social media
  • Analytic information that will include how many people viewed the product review, time spent reading the review and how many people clicked out (bounced) will be provided 3 weeks after the product review is posted.

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Ready for us to review your Scuba Diving product?

Please contact DigitalGreg at Info@SinkFloridaSink.com if interested.

We can provide current social media and website analytical information prior to agreeing on us reviewing your product.

Here are some brands that trusted us to review their Scuba Products:

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