Brinyte DIV11 Dive Light | Product Review

If you’re looking for a well-built primary dive light, make sure to read our entire Brinyte DIV11 product review.

Brinyte is a china-based OEM/ODM company that works with lead industry brands like Diving Gear Express, DiveNology, Leisurepro and more.

We were first attracted to the Brinyte DIV11 dive light due to its price and specs. With 1000 lumens, a narrow 10° beam and up to 180 minutes of use per charge, you can’t beat this light. To date the longest dive we completed with this light was 70 minutes, and it showed no signs of slowing down. It’’s only $79.99 on Amazon (with FREE shipping when you use this link)

Brinyte DIV11 Packaging:
The Brinyte DIV11 dive light is shipped in a craft box with soft egg crate material to protect the light during shipping.

Brinyte-DIV11-Dive-Light-0001 Brinyte-DIV11-Dive-Light-0002


The Brinte DIV11 Package Includes:
•  Brinyte DIV11 Dive Light
•  1 18650, 2600 mAh Battery
•  3 Extra O-Rings
•  Hand Holster
•  Wrist Strap
•  Battery Charger
•  Manual


Brinyte DIV11 Build Quality:
The Brinyte DIV11 is a well-built, medium weight primary dive light that’s made of aircraft-grade aluminum with an anti-abrasive black finish. Measuring 5.75″ inches long with a diameter of 1″ inch, the adjustable magnetic switch is located on the light’s tailcap. The single 10° beam, 1000 lumen CREE XM-L2(U2)LED is sealed with a thick 5mm piece of tempered glass that allows this light to operate OVER 600 feet deep! The opening of the Brinyte DIV11 is between the rear of the head and the of the body of the dive light. It takes about 7 rotations to open the light to reveal the 3 factory installed o-rings and to insert the single 18650 battery.

Brinyte-DIV11-Dive-Light-0004 Brinyte-DIV11-Dive-Light-0009 Brinyte-DIV11-Dive-Light-0007
Brinyte-DIV11-Dive-Light-0006 Brinyte-DIV11-Dive-Light-0008 Brinyte-DIV11-Dive-Light-0005


Using The Brinyte DIV11 Dive Light:
The Brinyte DIV11 Dive Light has four settings:
• High @ 1000 lumens
• Middle @ 330 lumens
• Low @ 120 lumens
• Strobe @ 550 lumens

The battery will last between 90 minutes and 180 minutes depending on the setting used.


In addition to the four setting, another thing we like about the Brinyte DIV11 over the Underwater Kinetics SL4 eLED L1 is that it comes with two ways to handle the light – wrist strap and hand holster.

If you like holding the light in your hand, the adjustable wrist strap will keep the light attached to you at all times. While I usually have my camera rig with me on night dives, I love the holster for a hands free experience. It’s a comfortable fit and the light rests snug in the holster on top of your hand.

Brinyte-DIV11-Dive-Light-0010 Brinyte-DIV11-Dive-Light-0011


Final Thoughts For The Brinyte Dive Light Review:
For $79.99, you can’t beat the value of this light. This well built, compact light packs 1000 lumens and performs flawlessly. The combination of 7 turns of the head to tighten and the three 3 O-rings keeps moisture out when diving.

We would rate the Brinyte DIV11 4.5 out of 5 stars.

While we love this light, the single feature we don’t care for much is the switch’s location. We would prefer for the switch to be located on the body of the Brinyte DIV11 so when using the hand holster, the light will not move when changing modes. This is a minor change we would like to see made to this  light. The location of the switch does not detour us from recommending this light to other divers.



If you’re looking for a bright, high quality primary scuba diving light, we strongly recommend the Brinyte DIV11. This tough, well-constructed, bright dive light is a steal at at only $79.99. You’ll also save money in the long run on batteries.

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 Brinyte DIV11 Dive Light | Product Review

  1. Would you recommend the Brinyte as a primary or secondary torch for lobster diving?

    • Hi Michael, We recommend the Brinyte DIV11 as a primary dive light. It’s a very bright and durable torch. However, when lobstering, we would keep it on the lowest setting so the lobster don’t get scared away from the bright light.

      If/when you’re ready to buy, please purchase from the link below to get free shipping and to help support the expansion of this free website:
      Brinyte DIV11 On Amazon.

  2. Clicked the link to buy from Amazon. Doesn’t look like the hand strap is included any longer. Any idea where to get one or what other hand mount would work with it?

  3. When this battery is worn out , how easy is it to find another ?

  4. Would this battery charger work in Europe? Does it support Voltage?

    • I just looked at the charger for my Brinyte DIV11, It says “AC100-240v” on it. Please note the charger is designed for American outlets, so you’ll need an adapter to use it in Europe. Let me know if you have any other question.

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