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DIVE TIPS: Beach Dives Tips | Florida Scuba Diving

The water is warming up and it’s time to go scuba diving! South Florida offers scuba divers countless reefs to explore by means of beach diving. With minimal planning and little cash, you can log some bottom time. While most charters charge $60+, you can do a

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Things to Remember During South Florida Sea Turtle Nesting Season

South Florida beaches are important nesting areas for sea turtles, and the sand dunes are home to many unique plants and animals. When visiting, help protect Florida’s sea turtles, other wildlife and the coastal habitats upon which they depend. The sea turtle nesting season in South Florida

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SCUBA DIVING REVIEW | Turtle Reef | Deerfield Beach

On Sunday, Netalia and I did a late evening scuba dive at Turtle Reef.  This was our first time visiting this South Florida dive site since Isaac. Like always, the reef was full of life. Netalia spotted a lionfish and an octopus – two creatures we’ve never

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SCUBA DIVING REVIEW | Sea Emperor Wreck | Boca Raton

Sunday morning was great for scuba diving! Netalia and I went out with Dixie Divers. The two dive sites we explored were the Hillsboro Ledges and the Sea Emperor. The Hillsboro Ledges were rad, but the Sea Emperor was the dive which impressed us more! After our

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FREE Upcoming South Florida Snorkeling Dives!

Hi Divers! Join Sink, Florida, Sink! and OAK as we explore two of Boca Raton’s best beach dives! On Aug. 5 (9:30am), Sink, Florida, Sink! and OAK will join forces and explore Turtle Reef. The reef, located on the Broward/Palm Beach County border, is home to countless sea

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SCUBA DIVING REVIEW | Turtle Reef | Boca Raton

Hi, my name is Netalia and I’m the newest contributor to Sink, Florida, Sink! On Saturday, DigitalGreg and I dove Turtle Reef. We have snorkeled this area countless times before and it was always a great outing, but this was the first time we used scuba here.

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UPCOMING SNORKELING DIVE | 5/20 – Turtle Reef | Boca Raton

Join The Bison Club for the first snorkeling trip of the season! They will be checking out one of my favorite beach dives, Turtle Reef! Please note this is NOT a Sink, Florida, Sink! event. This is an event sponsored by the Bison Club Meetup group. DigitalGreg

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