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DIVE TIPS: Beach Dives Tips | Florida Scuba Diving

The water is warming up and it’s time to go scuba diving! South Florida offers scuba divers countless reefs to explore by means of beach diving. With minimal planning and little cash, you can log some bottom time. While most charters charge $60+, you can do a

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Beach Warning Flags | South Florida Beaches

South Florida has miles and miles of beautiful beaches! Have you ever gone to the beach and saw the lifeguards flying a flag, but didn’t know what it meant? If so, here are the meanings of the International Life Saving Federation flag system. The system was created

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DIVE TIPS | Night Scuba Diving

Night diving is amazing! A reef you visited 1,954 times before will look completely different when relying on your flashlight. By becoming familiar with night diving, you become more flexible with when you can explore. If you’re interested in night diving, the best thing you can do for yourself is to get proper, professional

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DIVE TIPS | Save Your Air When Scuba Diving

Do you always finish your tank before your dive buddies? If so, check out these 10 tips on ways to preserve your air supply. If you have additional tips, please leave a reply on the bottom of this page! Get A New Mask: If your current mask

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FWC Changes Lionfish Regulations

This following information is from The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has made changes to enable divers to kill more lionfish. Harvesting the invasive fish no longer will require a fishing license when using certain gear and there is no recreational or commercial bag limit.

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DIVE TIPS | Scuba Diving Accident Intervention | Scuba Safety

One of the scariest scuba diving videos I’ve ever seen. Here’s a scuba safety tip: ALWAYS check your gauges often when scuba diving!

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