Scuba Diving & Snorkeling In Dania Beach, Florida

Dania Beach Erojacks | Scuba Diving Reef

Scuba Diving in Dania Beach offers divers some of the best beach diving in South Florida! The dive sites in Dania Beach require long surface swims, but they are well worth it!

Dania Beach has two prominent beach dive locations for scuba diving. The Dania Beach Erojacks and Dania Beach SeaTech Ledges. Once you dive these Dania Beach sites, you’ll be in love! These two dive sites are well known, but less visited. Due to the surface swim to both these sites, they are not recommended for snorkeling. Scuba diving only.

On a sunny weekends, countless boats anchor down off of Dania Beach for the day. Dive flags are a must in this busy boating area.

Due to the current off Dania Beach, drift diving is extremely popular here. The Gulfstream flows parallel to the shoreline which creates the perfect drift dive adventure.

If you’re visiting Dania Beach, Florida on vacation, the city has few hotels. Staying in Fort Lauderdale may be a better fit.
Don’t forget to check out a game at Dania Beach Jai-Alai!

Not a scuba diver yet? If you’re interested in becoming scuba certified in the city of Dania Beach, we strongly recommend Divers Direct.

If you’re ready to scuba dive and snorkel Dania Beach, check out our South Florida dive site page!

Scuba Diving And Snorkeling In Dania Beach, Florida

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