SCUBA DIVING REVIEW | Turtle Reef | Boca Raton

Hi, my name is Netalia and I’m the newest contributor to Sink, Florida, Sink!

On Saturday, DigitalGreg and I dove Turtle Reef. We have snorkeled this area countless times before and it was always a great outing, but this was the first time we used scuba here. Lake Atlantic was smooth and we could not have asked for better visibility!

Right off the bat, we saw a sea turtle that led us right toward the reef. The highlights of the day were the three nurse sharks (and one of them was actually awake!), two eels, and an enormous stingray. There were also countless pufferfish, yellow rays, and even a lobster, although we’re pretty sure it wasn’t legal!

I’m always amazed at the abundance and diversity of life on this reef, and diving it made the experience even more incredible. The colors on the reef were so vibrant and I couldn’t help thinking how fortunate we are to be living so close to something so beautiful.

In the coming months, we hope to get an underwater camera so that we can share the experience 🙂

Dive Time: 00:46
Max Depth: 13ft
Water Temp: 84f

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