SCUBA DIVING REVIEW | Vista Park Reef | Fort Lauderdale

In between storms on Saturday, I managed to meet up with Sherri and Justin from Facebook’s Florida Dive Buddy. This was a last minute scuba diving outing at Vista Park. It was overcast, cloudy and the sun was nowhere in sight.

It was a pleasant dive which I would like to check out again when the sun is out.

The highlights of the dive include seeing a green sea turtle and a school of tarpon.

I love seeing sea turtles. I’m fine with following a turtle in the ocean until my tank is low…….I would define that as a great dive!

We followed the turtle for a minute then we continue our dive.  I guess I’m amused far easier than Sherri and Justin :P. While returning to shore, we keeled down at 12ft for about two minutes. We looked up and saw a HUGE school of tarpon swimming north. These fish had to be between 5-6 feet. It was rad to see so many of them so close. We were all hoping a shark wasn’t around!

It’s a nice beach dive with a lot of plant life.

Dive Time: 00:32
Visibility: 30ft
Max Depth: 16ft
Water Temp: 81f

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