DIVE TIPS | Save Your Air When Scuba Diving

Do you always finish your tank before your dive buddies? If so, check out these 10 tips on ways to preserve your air supply. If you have additional tips, please leave a reply on the bottom of this page!

Get A New Mask: If your current mask doesn’t seal well to your face, allowing water to leak in, it’s time to get a better fitting mask. When you get water in your mask, you’re using your air supply to clear it.

Change The O-Ring: Do you have an old, leaking O-ring? The small stream of air which escapes is air you could be breathing!

Reduce Extra Weight: Test your buoyancy. If you’re wearing too much lead, not only do you have to use more energy to swim, but you will use more air in your BCD.

Stay Streamlined: The more streamlined you are, the less drag you create. Swim with your arms close to your body. Don’t try to kick as big as you can. Also keep your computer and octo tight to reduce drag.

Slow Down: The faster you swim, the harder you breath. Slow down, relax, and enjoy your adventure.

Shallow Dives: At 33 feet (two atmospheres), you use your air supply twice as fast as you would at the surface. By doing a 15-foot dive, your supply will last twice as long as it would at 33 feet.

Stay Warm: When you’re cold, your mind freaks out and you naturally start to breathe faster. Shivering uses up energy.

Lose Weight & Get In Shape: Swimming takes a lot of energy. By staying in shape, diving will be less strenuous on your body and you will naturally breathe more efficiently.

Eat: Enjoy a nice meal beforehand. When you dive on an empty stomach, you become exhausted much quicker than if you ate.

Dive More: The more accustomed you are to scuba diving and being under water, the less stressed you will be, ultimately leading to a more natural breathing style and reducing air consumption.

  1. It sure was nice to know that one should test their buoyancy first so that they will not use more energy and air while scuba diving and ultimately enjoy the activity longer. I’m planning to get in this activity for the summer but I’m a total beginner at this. I’ll have to get an expert to guide me with it and ask if I’m too heavy for the dive so that I can stay underwater and appreciate the creations under the sea much longer.

  2. I like how you said to reduce extra weight when scuba diving. We are planning on going diving in the ocean this summer. Thanks for the tips for scuba diving.

  3. Great tips and we will definitely use them. Especially dealing with a poorly sealed mask is no good.

  4. Awesome article and tips! I love the “slow down” tip that is a great tip in general, but even more so while diving. Enjoy yourself and the moment!

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