South Florida Weather Hub

South Florida weather changes with a blink of an eye! Before you decide to go scuba diving in South Florida, make sure to check the South Florida ocean tides, temperatures and beach cams! Below you will find links to EVERYTHING from moon phases and live wind patterns, to sunrise and moon rise times!

This is the most extensive weather information you will find for scuba diving in South Florida.

General Weather | South FloridaGeneral Weather Weather Mobile AppsMobile Weather Apps South Florida Beach Cams | Beach Cams of South FloridaSouth Florida Beach Cams
Ocean Surface Temperature | South FloridaOcean Temperature
Surface Water Temperature
Ocean Tides | High Tide | Low Tide | South FloridaOcean Tides
High Tide | Low Tide
Sunrise | Sunset | Moonrise | Moon Set | Moon PhasesSun + Moon | Rise + Set
Moon Phases


South Florida Scuba Diving Weather Hub

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