Mission Rescue Diver: Completed!

Rescue Diver Certification | DigitalGreg & Erik Williams | South Florida Scuba DivingMission Rescue Diver: Completed!

A month ago, I started studying for my rescue diver certification and this past Saturday, I finally completed the training! I have to say, this was the most gratifying certification so far. It has helped expand my skill set and I feel like a better diver because of the intense training that went with the certification. I can more effectively help someone in an emergency situation.

The “in your face” training (literally, I got a cut below my eye and poked in the eye) included a multitude of scenarios for both underwater and surface emergencies– From tired and panicked divers, to finding someone unconscious, to a tangled diver– All of the scenarios practiced were extremely realistic.

Rescue Diver Certification | DigitalGreg & Erik Williams | South Florida Scuba Diving

For instance, after re-boarding the boat after my first dive, a diver “went missing”. Knowing that I still had 2,900 PSI left in tank, I was required to suit up and utilize search techniques to recover the unresponsive diver. I was able to surface the diver and tow him to the boat. After getting the victim on board, I listened for breathing, delivered rescue breaths, and administered CPR and oxygen. Although this was only a training scenario, knowing that I was fully capable of carrying out emergency procedures was extremely rewarding.

The second dive of the day was strictly for fun, but I found myself analyzing the other divers’ interactions and behaviors. Fortunately, I did not notice any nervous or stressed divers on this trip.

Erik Williams (Erik-Williams@hotmail.com), who was the instructor for Netalia and my OW and AOW, was also the instructor for my rescue diver training.

When I decided to do the rescue diver course, I knew that I wanted Erik to be my instructor. He’s a phenomenal teacher and I knew he would make the course especially challenging for me. For a course like this one, learning under more difficult conditions will only make you a stronger diver.

Looking to step up your certification? Get in touch with Erik, private lessons available.

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