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Green Sea Turtles are the largest of the hard-shelled turtles and are named for their green body fat. Adults average a little less than 3 feet in length and can weigh up to 300-400 pounds. Green Sea Turtles have a smooth, oval-shaped shell that has shades of black, brown, green and yellow running through it. When Green Sea Turtles are about 10-14 inches, they migrate to near shore reef habitats and begin feeding on algae and seagrass. They also eat jellyfish.

The Green Sea Turtle population in Florida is endangered, but there’s been an increase in nesting Green Sea Turtles on the beaches in the past few years. Green Sea Turtles nest on the South Florida beaches during the summer months.

Feel free to use our Green Sea Turtle footage for educational use.



Green Sea Turtle in South Florida | South Florida
Green Sea Turtle

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