NIGHT DIVE REVIEW | Deerfield Beach Ledges | Scuba Diving

On Wednesday night I did my typically summer routine – night dive with Dixie Divers! On our last dive, we checked out the Deerfield Beach Ledges. The 10 of us explored the area from north of The Cove to the middle point between where we started and the pier.

The surface was a little choppy, but it was a relaxing dive. We saw a ton of eel, huge lobsters, a few yellow stingrays and a baby puffed up porcupinefish. We also saw an octopus that we pissed off because it didn’t want to be disturbed while it was eating lol.

It’s been about four months since I last visited this reef. I don’t recall it being covered in as much sand as it currently is :(. In the upcoming weeks I plan on exploring the .2-mile stretch from The Cove to the Deerfield Beach pier.

It was a smooth dive and I met new South Florida divers who will soon be part of the sink, Florida, Sink! community.

Dive Time: 00:50
Max Depth: 15ft
Water Temp: 84f

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