OrcaTorch D810V Video Light | Product Review

I was first attracted to the OrcaTorch D810V video dive light due to its price and specs. With its 950 lumens, 120°  beam and 190 minutes of use per charge, you can’t beat this light. And it’s only $119.95 on Amazon and Leisure Pro.

I like how the OrcaTorch D810V is delivered in a foam padded Polycarbonate plastic case which is great for keeping the accessories together. The case includes:

OrcaTorch D810V
26650 Battery
3 Extra O-Rings
Hand Holster
Wrist Strap
Battery Charger


Build Quality:
The OrcaTorch D810V is a solid, well-built video light made of aircraft-grade aluminum. The quality can be compared to Maglite. Measuring 5.75 inches long with a diameter of 1.33 inches, it has one brightness setting of 950 lumens. You turn the head of the light to turn the light on. To ensure the light does not leak, the unit come with 3 pre-installed lubed O-rings. It also comes with 3 extra O-rings for when you need to replace them.


OrcaTorch-D810V-004 OrcaTorch-D810V-008
OrcaTorch-D810V-006 OrcaTorch-D810V-007



Using The Light:
The OrcaTorch D810V comes with 2 ways to handle the light.
If you like holding the light in your hand, the adjustable wrist strap will keep the light attached to you at all times.

While EVERY dive light I’ve used came with a wrist strap, not every light comes with a hand holster. This is great if you like having your hands free when diving. It’s a comfortable fit and the light rests snug in the holster on top of your hand. The few times I didn’t have the OrcaTorch D810V on my camera rig, I used both accessories. I used the holster and had the strap around my wrist (can never be too safe).






How wide is the OrcaTorch D810V 120° beam?
Below is a photo I took in the house to show how wide the 120° beam is. The wall being illuminated is 20′ wide X 8′ high. The light is only 5’ from the wall!




A lot of Chinese dive light companies have a bad rap and I never truly knew why. Because of this notion, my primary dive light is currently an Underwater Kinetics SL4 eLED L1. Fortunately, the OrcaTorch D810V broke the stereotype for me. This high quality video dive light feels more durable than my UK. The UK light is a great light, but comparing them side-by-side, the OrcaTorch gets my vote on quality and price.

Below are photos shot using the OrcaTorch D810V

OrcaTorch-D810V-013 OrcaTorch-D810V-019 Sequence-01
OrcaTorch-D810V-017 OrcaTorch-D810V-014 OrcaTorch-D810V-015




Below are 3 videos shot with the OrcaTorch D810V


Final Thoughts For The OrcaTorch D810V Video Light Review:
Amazing value! This light is bright and I love the 120° beam. This wide beam ensured my subject is always illuminated when filming underwater. It performs incredibly well and does not leak due to the 3 O-rings. OrcaTorch says the light will last for 190 minutes, but I have yet to complete a dive of that length. When handling the OrcaTorch D810V you can tell it’s a solid, well crafted light.

If you’re looking for a bright, high quality video light for scuba diving, the OrcaTorch D810V is what you need! It’s great quality! It’s bright! It’s 120°! And it’s only $119.95. This light is a steal.

If you’re ready to buy the OrcaTorch D810V, click to Buy from Amazon or to Buy from Leisure Pro.
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If you have any questions about the OrcaTorch D810V, feel free to leave a comment below.

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OrcaTorch D810V Video Dive Light Review

  1. Hi, I purchased an orcatorch d810v at the above link. I’ve been doing some testing and have some questions.

    – Orcatorch says to turn on the light before entering the water and leave on during the dive to avoid flooding. Do you ever turn yours off under water and have you had any issues? I would think as long as you don’t over twist it you should be fine.

    – Have you had any issues with your light flickering? Mine will run great for spells and then have times when it flickers or pulsates.

    – Have you found a good replacement battery that you would recommend? Leisure Pro doesn’t carry the orcatorch branded 26650 battery. Internet searches for 26650 batteries get confusing very quick.

    – What is your experience with charge times. The charger is rated at 500ma, so I would think at 4000mah the battery would take about 8 hours to charge give or take, but my charge times are more in the 15 hour range. (After running the light down to the point where the low battery indicator flash begins)

    – I’ve been doing testing in a sink with water, but is the light safe to use out of the water?

    So far I’m really liking the light, except for the intermittent flickering issue.

    • Hi Rick,

      sorry for the delay with getting back to you.

      I have turned it off underwater and have not had any issues. One of the many things i like about this light is how many times to have to turn the head to turn it on (it’s well sealed)

      Mine hasn’t flickered before. I’ve used it about 10 times now.

      If you’re looking for extra 26650 batteries, I would recommend Amazon. Try to find ones that have a high MAH ratting.

      I don’t recommend using the light out of water due to the amount of heat is produces. The water helps keep the light from over heating.

  2. Hi, do you have any recommendations on how I could hook two of these up to something like 3/4 ” loc line? thanks, Jeff

    • Sorry for the delay with getting back to you. We use a 1-3/8 inches Loop Clamp to mount the OrcaTorch D810V to the loc line.

      If you go to your local Ace Hardware (NOT Home Depot or Lowes), you can pick up a stainless steel thumb screen with matching wing nut and fender washers to complete the mount.

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