Our 2015 Blue Wild Expo Review

Hovercrafts! Bikinis! Shipwrecks! Celebrities! The Blue Wild Expo had everything!

On February 21 and 22 we had the privilege of attending The Blue Wild Expo with our media passes.

The amazing weekend was packed with speakers like Emmy Award winning filmmaker Stan Waterman (known for Blue Water, White Death), outdoorsman Manny Puig, shipwreck explorers Mike Barnette and Dan MacMahon and many others.

At the Blue Wild Expo, we met up with friends we haven’t seen in months, Like Jim “Chiefy” Mathie, Mario C. and  Ana Zangroniz from the Coral Reef Conservation Program. Also hung out with Charles Leikauf, founder of the Advlyfe GoMask.

With The Blue Wild Expo having a heavy focus on spearfishing and underwater hunting, the show has something for anyone who loves the ocean.

  • You want to learn more about your GoPro? Diver’s Direct had a speaker who explaining various settings to enhance your footage.
  • Love shipwrecks? Mike Barnette and Dan MacMahon shared their stores of discovering long lost wrecks in 400+ feet of water!
  • Is fashion your forte? FAU students strut The Blue Wild Expo stage in the two bikini and board shorts fashion shows.
  • Remember the 80s and 90s when people were talking about flyer cars? Well, there wasn’t one of those, but there were hovercraft demos in the outdoor pools – a first for The Blue Wild Expo!
  • If relaxing is your style, there were two stand up paddleboard (SUP) yoga demos to help you connect with your inner Zen.

One of our favorite takeaways included  the three members of the US Coast Guard who took the stage and  sharing rescue stories. They gave the audience tips of what to carry on dives in case you get separated from the boat.  Here are some of their safety tips:

  • The USCG can see the sun reflected off a small mirror from up to 40 miles away!
  • If you’re stranded and not equipped, splashing well help you get noticed when the Coast Guard is above searching. The splashing can be seen on calm days and moonlit nights. While splashing will help the Coast Guard find you, sharks might, too. :p
  • When night diving, most people use the bright green glowsticks on their tank valve. While these are great for diving, green is a tough color for the Coast Guard to spot when using night vision. They recommend white or red.

The Blue Wild Expo was an excellent weekend.  It’s easy to see how 2015 marked the eighth year for the event .

If you missed the 2015 Blue Wild Expo, here’s what you missed!

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  1. I had a ton of fun at the Blue Wild Expo. I had a ton of fun seeing all the sights. Thanks to Sink, Florida, Sink! , for letting me know about this awesome event. I’m sure to attend it again next year! It really is a sight to see that the water sports community is so vibrant. We saw vendors from here in Fort Lauderdale, to having vendors all the way from Russia. Diving is truly a global activity, with friendly people all around.

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