SCUBA DIVING REVIEW | Turtle Reef | Deerfield Beach

On Sunday, Netalia and I did a late evening scuba dive at Turtle Reef.  This was our first time visiting this South Florida dive site since Isaac. Like always, the reef was full of life. Netalia spotted a lionfish and an octopus – two creatures we’ve never seen here before.

In addition to seeing two new creatures, the natural reef west of Turtle Reef has been partially uncovered by Isaac. Small ledges are visible in front of the second building from the south.

We collected a TON of olive and Florida fighting conch shells on this 59-minute dive.

South Florida Sea Shells

Dive Time: 00:59
Visibility: 25ft
Max Depth: 13ft
Water Temp: 84f

  1. If you haven’t visited Turtle Reef you need to!

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