SCUBA REVIEW: SeaTech Ledges | Dania Beach

South Florida Scuba Diving | SeaTech LedgesOn Sunday I explored the SeaTech Ledges in Dania Beach with Tom Fathom and his South Florida scuba diving Meetup group. It’s been over a year since I explored this beach dive site.

A little before noon we entered the Atlantic at high tide from the south end of the parking lot. The water was a bit choppy, but still divable. After about a 900-foot surface swim, we deflated and continued to swim below the surf.

After a few minutes of diving in a reef-less environment, we arrived at the SeaTech Ledges that many beach divers avoid due to the long, 1,200-foot swim. About two pier lengths out!

The current was minimal if any.  Although the viz wasn’t great, there were many French angelfish, queen conch and triggerfish out for us to see.

We scuba dived the west side SeaTech Ledges for about 30 minutes before heading west and returning to the beach.

After surfacing from the dive, we noticed we were the only people in the ocean. Tom pointed out the lifeguards flying the single red flag (high hazard, high surf, strong currents). O well. South Florida Scuba Diving | SeaTech LedgesWe were fine. No issues getting out of the water.

I enjoy meeting new people when I go scuba diving and that’s one of the reasons I’m a fan of If you’re like me, I strongly recommend checking out South Florida Beach Divers to meet new dive divers. There were a total of five of us who went out. All divers were experienced and did not impose a risk to others.

Tom Fathom runs Fathom Five Scuba and is available for private scuba lessons. He is professional and explained the dive plan very clear. I plan on joining Tom on future beach dives.

This was the first time I used a GoPro camera while diving.

Dive Time: 00:55
Visibility: 35-40ft
Max Depth: 23ft
Water Temp: 73f


SCUBA REVIEW: Dania Beach SeaTech Ledges
Dania Beach

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