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Dive Site: The Breakers Reef MAP IT!
City: Palm Beach, Florida
Type of Dive: South Florida Beach Dive
Depth: 15-18 Feet
Parking: Metered and Street
Local Beach Cam: Palm Beach Inlet
Last Updated: 10/17/2015

Snorkeling The Breakers Reef in Palm Beach:

Snorkeling The Breakers Reef MapThe Breakers Reef in Palm Beach is the remains of an old pier in front of the Breakers Hotel. In 1895, Captain J. D. Ross was commissioned to build the 1,000-foot pier from concrete, wood and steel. The pier’s existence came to an end in 1928, when it was demolished by a hurricane.

Today, the Breakers Reef is an easy reef to swim to, but getting to the entry point is where you need to pay close attention. Once you arrive on the beach in front of the hotel, we recommend entering the water south of the Breakers Reef. This is due to the current that pushes north.

The Breakers Reef is about 150 feet out, parallel to the south edge of the hotel building.

There’s a strong current at the Breakers Reef. Fins are needed at this dive site, in addition to a dive flag.

Lastly, the Breakers Reef is more of a snorkeling site due to the long walk on the beach to get to the water’s entry point. We do not recommend scuba diving unless you are taking a boat to the reef.

Driving Directions To The Breakers Reef In Palm Beach:

From I-95, take Okeechobee Blvd. (exit 70) and head east. Make a left onto Federal Highway and continue onto Quadrille Street (the road bends right) which will take you over the Flagler Memorial Bridge. Once off the bridge, continue straight and this brings you to Royal Poinciana Way. Here there’s free 2 hour parking. Please note it’s 2 hour parking (I’ve stayed for 3hrs and did not get busted). There’s also a Publix one block north of this parking area, but park at your own risk.

There’s metered parking on the south side of the Breakers Hotel, but the walk on the beach to the reef is tide dependent. Walking to the Breakers Reef from the south at high tide is a challenge.

Walking To The Breakers Reef From Your Car:

Head EAST on Royal Poinciana Way. Make a left onto N County Road / A1A. There’s a bike shop on the southeast corner of Sunset Ave. and A1A – here you’ll make a right. Walk all the way down Sunset Ave. There’s a walkway onto the beach at the end of the road. Pass through this walkway and make a right so you’re walking south on the beach. Walk down about 1/3 of a mile until you see a breaker of rocks on the shore, inline with the south edge of the hotel. Enter the water a little south of the breaker to dive the Breakers Reef.

What You May See While Snorkeling The Breakers Reef In Palm Beach:

Octopus, Southern Stingrays, Spotted Eels, Sergeant Majors, Stonefish, Porcupine Fish, Grunts, Porkfish, Tarpon, Juvenile French Angel Fish.

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Snorkeling The Breakers Reef In Palm Beach, Florida

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