Dania Beach Erojacks | South Florida Scuba Diving Beach Dive Site

Dive Site: Dania Beach Erojacks MAP IT!
City: Dania Beach, Florida (6503 N. Ocean Drive)
John U. Lloyd Beach State Park opens at 8am
Type of Dive: South Florida Beach Dive
Depth: 13-20 Feet
Parking: Park Entry Fee ($4-$6)
Last Updated: 5/25/2016

Dania Beach Erojacks mapThe Dania Beach Erojacks Scuba Diving Beach Dive:
The Dania Beach Erojacks / Eurojacks is an artificial reef constructed of dolos, concrete objects that resemble jacks children play with, except these are about five feet tall!  Located in John U. Lloyd Beach State Park, the Dania beach Erojacks run east-west and is located 300 feet offshore, directly in front of the white post that says “JAX” on the beach. The Dania Beach Erojacks run for about 1,500 feet. This South Florida Beach dive location is great for scuba diving and is not bad for  snorkeling.

The Dania Beach Erojacks are a busy boating area and you MUST use a dive flag when scuba diving.

Directions to the Dania Beach Erojacks Dive Location:
Take I-95 to exit 22 for Stirling Rd. and head east. Turn left onto Federal Highway. Turn right onto Dania Beach BLVD. Follow the signs for Ocean Drive. Keep right at the fork and merge onto Ocean Drive. This will bring you to the park entrance. Drive in and park in the first parking lot on the right. You will want to park on the south side of the lot, as close to the walkway that leads to the beach as possible. Walk to the beach and head south for about 1/3 mile until you see a white sign on the beach that says “JAX.” The reef starts 300 feet from the shore, directly in front of the “JAX” sign.

What You May See when Scuba Diving the Dania Beach Erojacks:
French Angelfish, Parrotfish, Nurse Sharks, Snook, Tarpon, Green Sea Turtles

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Dania Beach Erojacks | South Florida Scuba Diving Beach Dive Site

4 comments on “Dania Beach Erojacks | South Florida Scuba Diving Beach Dive Site

  1. We have the pleasure of diving the Dania Beach Erojacks, that Sink, Florida, Sink! was kind enough to remind us about. The JAX are easily located a short swim off shore. Although it would make for some nice scuba diving this visit was pure snorkeling. This spot is great for bringing out friends that may not be big into diving, this is a easy spot that allows access to nice sights easy off the coast.

    We found a few small schools of fish along with a few Angel Fish and a Sting Ray. The visibility was great and we are able to get some great footage using our Advlyfe GoPro GoDeep Dive mask with the GoPro mount built in. You can check them out here, http://www.advlyfe.com

  2. Bernie

    What affects does wind have on the dive conditions at the Erojacks? I’ve dove when it is calm and visibility wasn’t perfect. What are the best times to dive? High or low tides, southward current, west winds? There isn’t a lot of information about this dive site and is not as popular as Anglin’s Pier or Hollywood Beach YBR.

  3. Eric

    Thanks to this website I have had the opportunity to visit many dive sites. Unfortunately I went there on a day that was overcast and the water was very murcy. Visibility was very poor. But finding the jax was very easy thanks to this site.

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