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Dive Site: Deerfield Beach Ledges MAP IT!
City: Deerfield Beach, Florida
Type of Dive: South Florida Beach Dive
Depth: 10-16 Feet
Parking: Metered Lot: $2/hr weekdays $3/hr weekends. Garage: $3/hr weekdays $4/hr weekends
Local Beach Cam: Deerfield Beach Pier Beach Cam
Last Updated: 6/9/2019

The Deerfield Beach Ledges Beach Dive:

The Deerfield Beach Ledges run in line with the green hut on the Deerfield Beach pier. The reefs runs from the pier to past The Cove building. This South Florida Beach dive location is great for snorkeling, free diving and beginner scuba divers.

The Deerfield Beach Ledges are a busy boating area and you MUST use a dive flag when scuba diving or snorkeling.

A dumbass on a jet ski came within 20ft of my flag last time I was snorkeling here!

Driving Directions to the Deerfield Beach Ledges:

From I-95, take the Hillsboro Blvd. (exit 42A) east and make a right onto SE 21st Ave./South Ocean Way. After passing the Cove Beach Club condo, you’ll find metered parking. This is where you want to park.

Lifeguards will not let you enter the water north of The Cove with scuba gear.

What You May See At The Deerfield Beach Ledges:

Nurse Sharks, Sergeant Majors, Porcupinefish, Squid, Eel, Cowfish, Sea Robins, Yellow Rays, Parrotfish, Sand Divers, Flounder, some Lionfish.

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Scuba Dive & Snorkel The Deerfield Beach Ledges

  1. Great Dive site! I definitely appreciate this website. Keep up the great work!

  2. Going to deerfield beach for the weekend, I wanna go snorkeling at least once. I usually go to south inlet park, but would love to discover another spot around the town. Are you recommended this? thx

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