Hollywood North Beach Park | South Florida Scuba Diving Beach Dive Site

Dive Site: Hollywood North Beach Park MAP IT!
City: Hollywood, Florida
Type of Dive: South Florida Beach Dive
Depth: 8-15 Feet
Parking: Metered Lot

The Hollywood North Beach Park Beach Dive:
The ledge starts about 200 yards off shore and runs the length of the park, plus more. This reef ranges from 8-15 feet deep.

Like most of South Florida, you MUST use a dive flag.

Directions to the Hollywood North Beach Park Beach Dive Location:
Take I-95 to the Sheridan Street exit. Take Sheridan Street all the way east until you arrive at Hollywood North Beach Park. This is where you want to park. The current will determine if you park on the north or south side of the lot.

South Florida’s Hollywood North Beach Park is great for scuba diving, snorkeling and free diving.

What You May See:
Nurse sharks, puffer fish, barracudas, tarpon, snook

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