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Dive Site: Oakland Park Reef  MAP IT!
City: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Type of Dive: South Florida Scuba Diving Beach Dive
Depth: 10-25 Feet | Great for Scuba Diving
Parking: Metered Lot ($1.25/hr, Coin, Dollars, Visa, American Express)
Local Beach Cam: Fort Lauderdale Beach Place Beach Cam + Commercial Pier Beach Cam
Last Updated: 8/15/2019

Oakland Park Reef In Fort Lauderdale:

The Oakland Park Reef in Fort Lauderdale is the northern section of the popular Vista Park Reef. There are two reefs divers can explore here. The wide 200-yard patch reef that starts about 400 feet from the beach, and the Oakland Park Reef that’s about 420 yards from the beach.

Exploring these two reefs is simple. Once you enter the water, swim straight out from the Earl Lifshey Ocean Park’s beach entrance for about 200 yards. Once you see the first reef, you can drop down here to scuba dive the patch reef that’s full of plant life and small fish. We’ve spotted turtles here on multiple occasions.

To explore the second reef, swim over the patch reef, past the desert (sand with no reef) until you reach the Oakland Park Reef. Note that the desert between the two reefs reaches 26 feet deep then becomes shallower toward the Oakland Park Reef.

The Oakland Park Reef runs north and south and is about 70 yards wide. Full of brain coral, this amazing dive site is the western wall of the first reef line. We recommend planning your dive around the ocean’s current.

You MUST use a dive flag when scuba diving the Oakland Park Reef in Fort Lauderdale.

Directions to Oakland Park Reef In Fort Lauderdale:

Take I-95 to Oakland Park Blvd. (exit 31) east and cross over A1A / N Ocean Blvd. Parking for Oakland Park Reef at Earl Lifshey Ocean Park will be on your right. There are about 20 parking spots here that fill up quickly when the weather is nice.

This parking lot is about 220 yards from the beach. Walk out of the parking lot and make a right. Continue until you see a path on the left that will lead you to the beach.

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Oakland Park Reef | Fort Lauderdale Scuba Diving Site

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