Ocean Reef Park | Riviera Beach / Singer Island Snorkeling Site

Dive Site: Ocean Reef Park MAP IT!
City: Riviera Beach / Singer Island, Florida (3860 N Ocean Dr.)
Type of Dive: Snorkeling Only
Depth: 0-15 Feet
Parking: FREE Parking Lot
Local Beach Cam: Palm Beach Inlet Beach Cam

The Riviera Beach / Singer Island Ocean Reef Park Snorkeling Beach Dive:

The reef at Ocean Reef Park is small and extremely close to shore. Even at high-tide, beach-goers can see the reef protruding from the ocean. Due to it’s location and free parking, this is a very popular spot on the weekends. Ocean Reef Park is a shallow beach dive which is protected by lifeguards. It’s great for beginners and non-Florida natives.

If you live and dive in Florida, this reef can be missed. It’s full of people of all ages, swimming around and walking on the reef. Because it’s so close to shore and people stirring up the sand, visibility at Ocean Reef Park is minimal.

This Singer Island snorkeling site is best around high tide. Scuba diving is not permitted at Ocean Reef Park, but snorkeling and free diving are.
>NO NEED FOR A DIVE FLAG! (You must stay west of the swim buoy)

Interested in exploring two reefs on one dive? South of Ocean Reef Park is an artificial reef known as Riviera Reef which is a better reef. It’s also great for beginners. However,  you will need a flag at Riviera Reef.

Ocean Reef Park

Directions to the Ocean Reef Park Snorkeling Beach Dive Location:

From I-95, take the Blue Heron Blvd. exit (exit 76) east and drive over the Blue Heron Bridge. Continue on this road and it will turn left (north) and change names to North Ocean Drive/A1A. Continue north for a little over half a mile. On your right you will see Ocean Reef Park. Parking here as there’s a ton of FREE parking. Enter the beach from the south side and you will see a rock protruding from the water with a ton of people around it.

What You May See At Ocean Reef Park:

Sergeant majors, parrotfish, eels, tarpon,  grunts, blennies

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Ocean Reef Park In The Riviera Beach / Singer Island Area

  1. Nice one.

  2. Going up to Singer Island for a birthday and hopefully some snorkeling at Ocean Reef if the tide is right. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Hi there, was I was wondering if there was any overnight parking nearby for some nighttime exploration?

    • Hi Michael,

      Sorry for the delay with getting back to you. Please discard my last post. there isnt any public night parking super close to here. South of Ocean Reef Park is a plaza where WINGS (beachy store) is. You can park here and walk north.

  4. I would like to make a snorkeling reservation for one day this week
    What is the phone number that I could call?

  5. Is there somewhere near to drop jet ski at?

  6. Just to let you guys know
    Very hard to snorkel when high tide
    Best when tide is lowering

  7. I just returned from Bahamas and went snorkeling for the first time. I loved it. I will be in West Palm Beach, staying in Singer Island in late February; looking for a snorkel spot. Is this the best location for a beginner like me? Do I just need to bring my mask and can just jump right in?

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