Red Reef Park | Boca Raton Snorkeling Beach Dive Site

Dive Site: Red Reef Park MAP IT!
City: Boca Raton, Florida (1400 N. Ocean Blvd.)
Type of Dive: Snorkeling Only
Depth: 6-12 Feet
Parking: $18 per vehicle on the weekends
Local Beach Cam: South Beach Park Beach Cam

Red Reef Park Snorkeling Beach Dive:

The Boca Raton Red Reef Park artificial reefs that’s close to shore. It soon became home to many different organisms. During low tide, the reef can bee seen from land. This Boca Raton dive site is best at high tide.

This is a shallow beach dive which is protected by lifeguards. Great for beginners. Scuba diving is not permitted here, but snorkeling and free diving are.
NO NEED FOR A DIVE FLAG! (I thought I’d NEVER get to post that!)

Directions to the Boca Raton Red Reef Park Snorkeling Beach Dive Location:

From I-95, take Palmetto Park Rd. (exit 44) east. Make a left onto A1A / N. Ocean Blvd. You will take this road for about .8 miles. Red Reef will be on your right.
Due the price of entry, make sure to carpool – that includes putting a friend in the trunk. No food or snacks are sold in the park.

What You May See At The Boca Raton Red Reef Park Snorkeling Dive Site:

Turtles, sergeant majors, parrot fish,  barracuda, eels and rays.

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Snorkeling Red Reef Park In Boca Raton, Florida

  1. I’m going to Deerfield Beach for 2 weeks and I wanna do snorkeling for the first time. Is this a good place to start? What should I know before I go?

    • Hi Dave,
      Red Reef Park is a good starter spot for snorkeling. It’s very close to shore and there are lifeguards there. You need to go at high tide. Last time we checked, a flag was not needed. If you’re comfortable in the water, a reef we like more is South Inlet Park. If you decide to do South Inlet, you will need a flag. We recommend going an hour before high tide….when the high tide leaves, the water from the inlet weakens the viz. Both of these locations are close to Deerfield Beach.

      Singer Island is home to Ocean Reef Park. this spot offers plenty of free parking, there are lifeguards at the reef and a flag is not needed. However, this is a 30 minute drive from Deerfield beach.

  2. Tammy and I snorkeled RRP…saw tons of big Cudas and several Nurse Sharks. The tide was no issue
    and it was a pleasant morning dive.

  3. Do they rent equipment ? At red reef

  4. I plan to visit the Miami area soon and wanting to do a little snorkeling. We are still beginners but like the adventure. Is there a map of the reefs of Red Reef park? I read there are many other places to snorkel as well, which are close to shore that don’t require flags? Also which are best at this time of the year? Thank you in advance for any info that you provide.

  5. I will be in the Miami area in July and plan to do some snorkeling. My Wife, Son and I are still in the beginners stage so we need locations close to the shore. So I hear Red Reef is good are there any others close to the Miami area? I also read something about Bimini snorkeling (ship wreck). I that good for beginners?

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