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Dive Site: Riviera Reef MAP IT!
 Riviera Beach, Singer Island, Florida
Type of Dive:
South Florida Beach Dive
 12-18 Feet
 Parking Lot
Local Beach Cam: Palm Beach Inlet
Last Updated: 7/4/2014

Riviera Reef Beach Dive:

Riviera Reef in Riviera Beach / Singer Island, Florida is an artificial reef constructed of giant limestone boulders. This reef is a short walk from the Riviera City Beach. There are a total of 50 pods in two locations that make up the Riviera Reef. This mitigation reef took a little over two years to construct and was completed in the summer of 2011. Since it’s completion, many sea creatures have made this their home.  The reef is about 300 feet out from the Riviera Beach / Singer Island shore and sits in 12 to 18 feet of water. On a clear, claim day you can see Riviera Reef from the beach.

Due to Florida law, you MUST use a dive flag when scuba diving and snorkeling Riviera Reef.

Interested in exploring two reefs on one dive? North of Riviera Reef is Ocean Reef Park. This reef is far-more popular, and is great beginners due to it’s proximity to the shore. Driving directions B is best if you’re interested in snorkeling both reefs.

Directions to Riviera Reef:

Riviera Reef MapA: From I-95, take the Blue Heron Blvd. exit (exit 76) east and drive over the Blue Heron Bridge. Shortly after the bridge, turn right onto Plaza Circle. Behind the Wings Beach Store there’s parking spots. Park the car, enter the beach and walk north for about 5 minutes until you reach the Phoenix Tower.
B:  From I-95, take the Blue Heron Blvd. exit (exit 76) east and drive over the Blue Heron Bridge. Continue on this road and it will turn left (north) and change names to North Ocean Drive/A1A. Continue north for a little over half a mile. On your right you will see Ocean Reef Park. We recommend parking here as there’s a ton of FREE parking and you can explore two reefs on one dive. Once you park the car, enter the beach and walk south for about 10 minutes until you reach the Phoenix Tower.

Walking To Riviera Reef From Your Car:

When walking on the beach, keep an eye open for three tall building, a white, beige and another white building next to each other. Entering the water in front of the beige building (Phoenix Tower) is recommended. Enter the water, swim east and you will come across a pod of rocks. From here you can explore north, east and south to find the rest of Riviera Reef.

What You May See At Riviera Reef:

Yellow Rays, Southern Stingrays, Chain Moray Eels, Sergeant Majors, Stonefish, Porcupine Fish, Grunts.

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Explore Riviera Reef In Riviera Beach / Singer Island, Florida

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