Dania Beach SeaTech Ledges | South Florida Scuba Diving

Dive Site: Dania Beach SeaTech Ledges MAP IT!
City: Dania Beach, Florida
Type of Dive: South Florida Beach Dive
Depth: 15-30 Feet
Parking: Metered Lot
Last Updated: 4/1/2017

The Dania Beach SeaTech Ledges Beach Dive:

Enter the water from the southernmost point of the parking lot and swim east for about 1,200 feet. This will bring you to the ledge which runs north-south. This dive site is recommended for scuba diving, not snorkeling. It’s a long surface swim, about two pier lengths out, but it’s well worth it!

Like most of South Florida, you MUST use a dive flag when scuba diving the Dania Beach SeaTech Ledges.

Directions To The Dania Beach SeaTech Ledges :

Take Dania Beach Blvd. east and follow the signs to the Dania Beach Pier. Park on the southernmost side of the parking lot.

What You May See At The Dania Beach SeaTech Ledges:

Nurse Sharks, Southern Stingrays, Mangrove Snapper, Grunts, French Angelfish, High Hats, Sergeant Majors, Squirrel Fish

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Scuba Diving The Dania Beach SeaTech Ledges

  1. Just for clarification: are you saying to park by the restaurant/bar (not Quarterdeck)?

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