South Inlet Park | Boca Raton Snorkeling Beach Dive Site

Dive Site: South Inlet Park MAP IT!
City: Boca Raton, Florida
Type of Dive: South Florida Snorkeling & Scuba Diving Beach Dive
Depth: 8-15 Feet
Parking: Parking Lot ($3/hr on the weekends) Accepts Cash, Visa, Discover, Master Card.
Local Beach Cam: South Inlet Park Beach Cam + Deerfield Beach Pier Beach Cam
Last Updated: 9/8/2013

Snorkeling + Scuba Diving The Boca Raton South Inlet Park Beach Dive:
Snorkeling South Inlet Park | Boca Raton Map
The South Inlet Park reefs are both natural (west & north) and artificial (east). Located on the south side of the Boca Raton Inlet, these reefs are in about 12 feet of water. You can spend a lot of time here as the reefs are close and expansive.

The natural reef starts about 175 feet offshore and runs from the jetty to beyond South Inlet Park. The natural reef is covered in sand, but has sea grass growing on it. Many non-fish marine creatures can be found here.  The artificial reef is 325 feet off shore and runs from the main walkway of South Inlet Park to the south side of the building south of the park. Pay attention to the current to determine the best entry point.

Do not swim around the jetty!

Like most of South Florida, you MUST use a dive flag when scuba diving and snorkeling at South Inlet Park.

Directions to the Boca Raton South Inlet Park Beach Dive Location:
From I-95, take Hillsboro Blvd. (exit 42A) east. Make a left onto NE 20th Ave. Follow the road to the right and then make a left onto NE 21st Ave. / A1A / N. Ocean Blvd. You will take this road for about 1.5 miles. South Inlet Park will be on your right.

What You May See At Boca Raton South Inlet Park:
Sergeant Majors, Trumpetfish, Cowfish, Blueheads, Pufferfish, Parrotfish, French Angelfish, Flounder, Eel, Small Sea Snakes, Squid, Octopus, Spotted Eagle Rays, Fire Coral.

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South Inlet Park | Boca Raton
Snorkeling Beach Dive Site

11 comments on “South Inlet Park | Boca Raton Snorkeling Beach Dive Site

  1. Paul Cipolla

    Great reef for a short or long snorkel trip. I dive here constantly and its a very calm and relaxed place to practice freediving. Since hurricane Sandy the rocks have had some extra sand built up but that is starting to fade and the reef should be back to complete normality in about another month. The reef has a plentiful supply of medium sized snapper and some occasional Yellow Tail Jack. perfect for the novice spearfisherman. A great reef for all types of divers.

  2. Chris

    I have recently just moved to Boca and am about 10 min. from the park.

    What are some rules for snorkeling South Inlet Park? Do I just walk into the water with a dive flag and swim out? If I go before 9 to avoid the life guards will they bug me while I am out there once they arrive?

    • Hey Chris,

      You must have a flag at South Inlet Park. This is a known spot. So you just walk into the water with a dive flag and swim out. Easy!

      The lifeguards we spoke with here were all chill. One informed us that you can scuba here, but you have to enter the water to the south…so you’re NOT entering the water where they patrol.

  3. John

    Which is a better snorkel spot, red reef or here?

  4. strashen

    do you have to pay to get in here?

  5. Kathleen

    Want to take 4 year old snorkeling. She swims but not strong swimmer yet. Would this be a good place? Any suggestions would be appreciated. This site best I have seen! Thanks

    • Kathleen,
      Thank you! We’re glad you like our website! It’s hard for us to judge 4 years old. Ocean Reef Park might be a better snorkeling spot to gauge the child’s comfort in the water. It’s very shallow and you must go at high tide.
      If she’s comfortable there, then South Inlet Park would be a spot to explore. South Inlet is a little deeper and further out.


    will be visiting florida soon. Where do I get a flag, in order to snorkel?

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