Vista Park Reef | Fort Lauderdale Scuba Diving Site

Dive Site: Vista Park Reef MAP IT!
City: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Type of Dive: South Florida Scuba Diving Beach Dive
Depth: 10-18 Feet | Great for Scuba Diving
Parking: Metered Lot ($1.25/hr, Coin, Dollars, Visa)
Local Beach Cam: Fort Lauderdale Beach Place Beach Cam + Commercial Pier Beach Cam
Last Updated: 3/27/2016

The Vista Park Reef Beach Dive:
Vista Park Reef in Fort Lauderdale is very wide and runs North-South for about 800 yards. To get to the reef, swim straight out from the park’s beach access for about 70-100 yards. The park entrance is roughly the middle point of the reef. This is a great beach dive site if you want to explore and don’t want a strict dive plan to follow. This dive site primarily contains vast expanses of corals and other plant life, as well as an abundance of fish. Vista Park Reef is best for scuba diving and is not recommended for snorkeling.

No lifeguards on duty. You MUST use a dive flag when scuba diving at Vista Park Reef in Fort Lauderdale.

Directions to the Fort Lauderdale Vista Park Reef Dive Location:
Take I-95 to Oakland Park Blvd. (exit 31) east. Make a right onto A1A. Make a left onto NE 30th St. Then make a right onto North Atlantic Blvd for 1/3 mile. On your left you will see about 15 metered parking spots for Vista Park Reef inFort Lauderdale.

What You May See At Vista Park Reef In Fort Lauderdale:
Flamingo Tongue, damsels, grunts, soft coral, fan coral, urchins, conch

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Vista Park Reef | Fort Lauderdale
Scuba Diving Beach Dive Site

5 comments on “Vista Park Reef | Fort Lauderdale Scuba Diving Site

  1. Connor k

    This is one of my favorite spots, ive dived there around 10 times, never bad visibility, great abundance of fish, coral, and sea fans. About 10-18 feet. Now the second reef is my favorite after you exit the first reef continue out about 75-100 yards and it’s almost a table top reef ad has a sort of a drop off great fish not to much coral but a lot of fish for us spear divers!!!

  2. JD

    What do you think is the best shore dive in the Ft. Lauderdale area? I am thinking of this one because I don’t want to do a long surface swim, which is seems like is more the case with the other dives in the area.

  3. Pete

    What’s the best place to snorkel in Fort lauderdale?

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