Yankee Clipper Rocks | Fort Lauderdale Snorkeling Beach Dive Site

Dive Site: Yankee Clipper Rocks
City: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Type of Dive: South Florida Snorkeling Beach Dive
Depth: 10-15 Feet
Parking: Parking Lot ($1.75/Hour)
Local Beach Cam: Fort Lauderdale Beach Place Beach Cam
Last Updated: 6/22/2014

**As of 6/22/2014, the Yankee Clipper Rocks are covered in sand due many rough ocean currents. The video below was taken at a small 20ft section of reef which was not covered. It’s infront of the firehouse. 

The Yankee Clipper Rocks Snorkeling Beach Dive:

The Yankee Clipper Rocks are located in Fort Lauderdale, and are a popular South Florida snorkeling location. You may enter the water at the south end of the parking lot. Starting at 150 feet offshore, you’ll find a natural rocky reef full of fish and coral.

You MUST use a dive flag when snorkeling the Fort Lauderdale Yankee Clipper Rocks.

Directions to the Yankee Clipper Rocks Beach Dive Location:

Take I-95 to Davie Blvd. and head east. Make a right onto Federal Highway / US1 then make a left onto N. Ocean Blvd. / A1A. Follow the road for about 2 miles and keep an eye open for the signs to the public beach parking on the east side of A1A. Park as far south as possible.

What You May See When Snorkeling The Yankee Clipper Rocks:

Porkfish, Sergeant Majors, Scorpionfish, Nurse Sharks, French Angelfish

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Fort Lauderdale’s Yankee Clipper Rocks

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