South Florida Wreck Dive Sites + Locations

Broward County has created over 115 artificial reefs, including wrecks since 1982. Palm Beach County has sunk over 150 reefs since the start of their reef program in 1987. These reefs are made from a variety of materials including ships, barges, oil rigs, concrete culverts, engineered concrete and other environmentally-friendly materials. Many of these artificial reefs use materials that mimic natural reef systems such as limestone. From 10 feet to over 200 feet, these materials are placed in the ocean where marine creatures quickly make them home.

For those who have never completed a wreck dive — you’re missing out! Every time you penetrate a wreck, you’re swimming through history.

Our South Florida wreck dive page is still being built. Please visit this page often to see the latest additions.
Delray Wreck – Delray Beach
United Caribbean Wreck – Boca Raton
Noula Express Wreck – Boca Raton
Ancient Mariner Wreck – Deerfield Beach
RSB-1 Wreck – Pompano Beach
Lady Luck Wreck – Pompano Beach
Captain Dan Wreck – Pompano Beach
Jim Atria Wreck – Fort Lauderdale
Benwood Wreck – Key Largo
Duane Wreck – Key Largo

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