Captain Dan Wreck | Pompano Beach Wreck Dive

Dive Site: Captain Dan Wreck
City: Pompano Beach, Florida
Coordinates: 26 13.857′ N 80 03.960′ W
Type of Dive: South Florida Boat / Line Down Dive
Depth: 77ft Wheelhouse,  106ft, Deck, 117ft Sand
Last Updated: 8/31/2016

Captain Dan Wreck Pompano BeachHistory of the Captain Dan Wreck:

The Captain Dan Wreck is a 175-foot Coast Guard tender formerly known as the Hollyhock. Built in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1937, the $347,800 vessel was launched on March 24, 1937 and commissions on August 7 of the same year.

She was relocated to Detroit, Michigan in 1959 to serve as an ice breaker in the frigid Lake Michigan. She later served in Miami, Florida as a buoy tender and in the Bahamas for refueling seaplanes for the U.S. Air Force in the 1960s. In 1980 the Hollyhock traveled away from the Bahamas and served in the Cuban Refugee Boatlift known as the Mariel Boatlift.

The Hollyhock provided the Coast Guard with 43 years of service before she was decommissioned on March 31, 1982 due to budget restrains and maintenance issues. She was later sold to a missionary and renamed the Good News Missionship, where she traveled to many ports spreading the gospel. Mechanical problems struck the vessel and she was towed to the Miami River.


The Captain Dan Wreck:

With the help of the Boating Improvement Program Fund and the Pompano Beach Fishing Rodeo, she was purchased to become the artificial reef we know as the Captain Dan Wreck.

On February 20, 1990 the Captain Dan Wreck made her last mission to the ocean floor. Her final voyage took 15 minutes and landed her upright with assistance from the Broward County Environmental Quality Control Board and the Broward County Bomb and Arson Unit.

The wreck was named after Captain Dan in memory of Captain Dan Garnsey who was a Pompano Beach drift fishing boat owner.

Diving The Captain Dan Wreck:

Today, the Captain Dan Wreck rests upright in 117 feet with her bow pointing south. The top of the wheelhouse is in about 77 feet of water with the deck at 106 feet. The ship is intact and has been overhauled with large entries for certified wreck divers to penetrate. between all her levels, passage ways and cabins, the Captain Dan Wreck is a very popular advance open water dive.

You never know what marine life you’ll see on the Captain Dan Wreck! From barracuda, Goliath grouper, amberjacks, and rays what you’ll see here is endless!

Scuba Diving Pompano Beach’s Captain Dan Wreck

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