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Dive Site: Lady Luck WreckLady-Luck-Wreck-Pompano-Beach
City: Pompano Beach, Florida
Coordinates: 26 13.807’ N 80 03.807’ W
Type of Dive: South Florida Boat / Line Down Dive
Depth: 82ft Wheelhouse, 107ft Deck, 131ft Sand
Last Updated: 7/27/2016

History of the Lady Luck Wreck:

Lady Luck, formerly known as Newtown Creek, is a 324-foot long, 49-foot wide tanker ship that was built by the Wiley Manufacturing Company in 1967.  The sludge (sewage) tanker operated in New York seven days a week while transport 1.2 million gallons of sludge per day for nearly 50 years. She was decommissioned in the summer of 2014 then sold at auction on March 1, 2016 to Shipwreck Park, Inc., a private 501 (C)(3) corporation, for $100,000.

While the sinking was slated for 2pm on July 23, 2016, it took nearly 3 hours longer than expected to sink the Lady Luck. Around 4:40pm the ship started to take on water at a faster rate. Lady Luck started to list toward her Starboard side, but managed to right herself right below the ocean’s surface. While most spectator we’re nervous, the five former Newtown Creek crew members who were watching from the media boat we’rent concerned — they’ve seen the vessel list many times. After working on the ship for 15+ years, they knew how the sledge compartments would fill up and right itself.

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Lady Luck Wreck - Pompano Beach 003Local artist Dennis MacDonald, who is known for his work on the 2015 ill-fated Rappa Nui Reef, created a mock underwater casino that includes poker tables with card sharks, an octopus dealer, mermaid cocktail waitress and over-sized dice on the Lady Luck Wreck. This dive has countless photo opportunities!

The Lady Luck Wreck’s underwater casino scene is a one-of-a-kind underwater experience.

The Lady Luck wreck will be the center focus of Shipwreck Park.

Lady Luck Wreck - Pompano Beach 002Diving The Lady Luck Wreck:

The Lady Luck is an advanced dive that rests in 131 feet off water, about a mile off shore of Atlantic Blvd. At this time there’s no growth on her as she was recently sunk.  Less than 24 hours after the Lady Luck Wreck made her final voyage to the bottom of the Atlantic, spade fish started making this their new home.
Be cautious when diving the wrecks in this area. strong currents are common.
Photo Credit: Elaine Fitzgerald of Beach Vacation Rentals in Pompano Beach, Florida.


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