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Dive Site: Tracy Wreck (Ken Vitale) (Tracey Wreck)
City: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Coordinates: 26 09.559′ N 80 04.763′ W
Type of Dive: South Florida Boat / Line Down Dive
Depth: 55ft Wheelhouse, 82ft Sand
Last Updated: 8/5/2018

History Of The Tracy Wreck:

Tracy Wreck in Fort LauderdaleNot much is known about Tracy’s history. In the mid-90s she was seized by U.S. Customs for drug trafficking and towed to the Miami River where she laid dormant for a few years. The Tracy was towed out to sea on March 2, 1999 where she would become the wreck we dive today.

The Tracy Wreck (Tracey Wreck), also known as the Ken Vitale was named after a local scuba instructor who worked at Underseas Sports in Fort Lauderdale. On October 31, 1998, Vitale was diving in Pompano Beach with students when he died from a heart attack.

There’s a plaque on the Tracy Wreck that honors Ken Vitale.


Diving The Tracy Wreck:

The 132-foot long oil rig known as the Tracy Wreck rests upright in 82 feet of water. Since her sinking in 1992, a ton of fish have made the Tracy Wreck their home- to the point where it looks like a wall of fish when you explore the open decks of this wreck! With proper training, penetrating the Tracy Wreck is easy due to the large cut outs on the deck. However, the inside of this wreck is very dark and requires a light.

Let us know if you spot the Ken Vitale plaque!

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Tracy / Tracey / Ken Vitale Wreck | Fort Lauderdale Wreck Dive

  1. Hello: Ken Vitale was my father. I am going through the photos of the sinking of the Tracey and wasn’t sure of the date. I found this web site. Thank you for honouring my father.

    I have a photo of the original plaque.

    Webmaster, contact me if you would like to post it on this page.

    Peace and blessings,
    Scott Vitale

  2. Hi there, I am looking for the best wreck in the Ft. Lauderdale area. We will be there in January. My husband is and advanced diver but has never been able to do a wreck dive as we live in Utah. He wants to be able to penetrate the ship. We were looking to go over to Bimini to do the Sopona shipwreck there, but if we could find a greater diver in Ft. Lauderdale I’d rather not spend the extra money going over to Bimini just for a wreck dive, as we’ll already be going to Belize on the same trip. I appreciate any advice. As I said he would like to be able to explore the inside of a ship, as well as see plenty of life.

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