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Wednesday’s night dive adventure was definitely a good one. A group of about 10 of us swam out with a beautiful sunset overhead and descended on the Deerfield Beach Ledges.

As this was my very first night dive, I got to test out my new dive lights (Helpful note: When it comes to buying dive lights, choose one that takes less than 8 C batteries!). My yellow tank and fins were definitely helpful in making me stand out in the dark.

It really takes a trained eye to seek out life in the dark. There are so many little creatures you tend to overlook in the daytime, but they ended up being some of the most interesting. There were tiny shrimp I was only able to see because of my flashlight’s reflecting in its eyes. There were also an abundance of tiny, adorable fish that would have usually been overlooked.

As per usual, the ledges were filled with lots of ugly eels. However, we did see about 10 BEAUTIFUL green sea turtles, and they were curious, too! They swam close enough to touch and even hung around for a bit. We also saw several parrotfish, a scrawled cowfish, and my favorite, a little porcupine fish! Seeing him puff up was probably one of the cutest damn things I have ever seen in my life.

Sink, Florida, Sink! - Porcupinefish - Deerfield Beach LedgesDigitalGreg’s eye is a bit keener than mine.  He saw a tiny lionfish- I knew he wasn’t stabbing a rock with his dive knife for nothing! At the end of the dive he also saw a  school of squid swimming east.

Overall, I enjoyed the dive immensely, and I know everyone else had a great time as well. I will definitely be participating in more of these.

Video courtesy of Ruben Perez

Dive Time: 00:48
Visibility: 25-35 feet
Max Depth: 14ft
Water Temp: 88f

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