SCUBA DIVING REVIEW | Sea Emperor Wreck | Boca Raton

Sunday morning was great for scuba diving! Netalia and I went out with Dixie Divers. The two dive sites we explored were the Hillsboro Ledges and the Sea Emperor.

The Hillsboro Ledges were rad, but the Sea Emperor was the dive which impressed us more!

After our 60ish-ft descent to the top of the wreck, we immediately realized how big it really was. We swam along the surface of the wreck until we reached the top of the first chamber. Because this wreck had cutouts (open overhead), we had the opportunity to penetrate the wreck and explore the inside. Different types of coral, combined with the obstacle of swimming over and under various objects, made this dive unique and memorable.

Green Moray Eel at the Sea Emperor -- South Florida Scuba DivingInside the wreck, we saw a 5-6ft green moray eel. They’re still my least favor sea creature…..freakish bastards.


Goliath Grouper at the Sea Emperor -- South Florida Scuba DivingAfter our last obstacle of safely exiting the wreck without touching fire coral or injuring ourselves on sharp, rusty metal, we then explored the outside of the wreck. We had a 10-ft descent to the ocean floor where we were welcomed by a goliath grouper. This thing was HUGE. It was at least 5-ft and had to weigh in at 100+ lbs.

This is a gnarly wreck that you NEED to check out.

Dive Time: 00:38
Visibility: 30-35ft
Max Depth: 72ft
Water Temp: 81f (plus many thermoclines)

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