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Lauderdale By The Sea Tides Chart

Many consider Lauderdale-by-the-Sea one of the best beach dives in Florida.  A block south of the Anglin’s Pier is Datura Ave. is where most South Florida scuba divers start their Lauderdale By The Sea dive. Located in Broward County, this is a dive you don’t want to

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Blue Heron Bridge Tides Chart | High Tide | Riviera Beach

Timing the Blue Heron Bridge tides is crucial when scuba diving this amazing high tide South Florida beach dive in Riviera Beach. You need to know when high tide is. This is the best time for your dive. Located in Phil Foster Park, this is a dive

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South Florida Ocean Tides + Wave Conditions

Ocean Tides | High Tide | Low Tide | South Florida

High tide? Low tide? Looking to plan your next South Florida beach dive? Look no further! Here is this month’s tide chart! Also, check out the moon phases chart! For wave conditions, visit GREAT for surfers! EXAMPLE: Times that say 12:18 AM is 18 minutes after midnight.

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