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If you love scuba diving and snorkeling in South Florida, our website is your one stop South Florida scuba diving and snorkeling information center!
From Boca Raton to Deerfield Beach down to Dania Beach, Florida we have you covered! Our scuba diving website contains everything from South Florida beach dive sites and wreck dives to the most in-depth collection of South Florida scuba diving weather information on the web.


What Makes Scuba Diving In South Florida World Class?

• Dive Conditions – The South Florida ocean is always warm with good visibility due to our proximity to the Gulf Stream.
• Marine Life – South Florida reefs are home to countless tropical fish, the same fish seen in the Caribbean.
• South Florida Beach Dives – Whether you snorkel, scuba dive or free dive, you can walk into the ocean from nearly any South Florida beach and be at a reef within a short surface swim. You will see amazing marine life in water less than 15 feet deep!
• Diversity – Scuba diving in South Florida offers divers the opportunity to discover the largest variety of natural and artificial reefs and wrecks in the country!
• Wreck Diving Capital – South Florida is home to well over 100 shipwrecks ranging from depths of 30ft to 250ft!
• Vacation – If you’re from out of town, South Florida has an endless list of hotels and world class resorts to stay at while visiting.
• Top Rated Scuba Diving Destination – Countless South Florida scuba diving sites are highly rated in many North America dive categories: #1 for Best Macro Marine Life, #2 for Best Destination, #2 for Best Visibility, #2 for Best Snorkeling and #3 for Best Beach Diving.

We are not a South Florida dive shop. We are Sink, Florida, Sink!, your South Florida scuba diving and snorkeling information headquarters. By scuba divers, for scuba divers.


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