Blue Heron Bridge Tides Chart | High Tide | Riviera Beach

Timing the Blue Heron Bridge tides is crucial when scuba diving this amazing high tide South Florida beach dive in Riviera Beach. You need to know when high tide is. This is the best time for your dive. Located in Phil Foster Park, this is a dive you don’t want to miss!

It’s recommended you dive the Blue Heron Bridge (BHB) no earlier than 1 hour before high tide and no later than 1 hour after high tide. The currents here are strong when not surrounding high tide. The Port of Palm Beach buoy (shown here) is used to time the Blue Heron Bridge tides.


Find Your Blue Heron Bridge High Tide Scuba Diving Window:

•  Arrive at the Blue Heron Bridge :30 before the high tide time shown below.
•  Be out of the water  :30 after the shown high tide.
• Times that say 12:18 AM is 18 minutes after midnight. Pay close attention to the headers.



Blue Heron Bridge Tides

  1. Is the tide at BHB the same as the tide at the Port of PB buoy, or is there a delay at BHB?

  2. Great site for BHB current month tide info and tips.
    Is it possible to find the BHB tide info for subsequent months on this site?

    • Hi Lou, Glad you like our website! At this time we can only show the tides for one month. But that’s a great tide. During the month of April, we’ll see what we can do in regards to posting many months. if we can do it, we will roll it out with the May tides.

  3. Would this apply to snorkeling as well?

  4. Are the current strong at low tide?

    Thank you this a great site.


  5. Hey!

    Thanks for all of the info!
    I’m just a little confused on how long scuba divers can stay under water and when to leave. I’m planning on going Monday 2/15/2016 for the 7:40am low tide and 1:43pm high tide. How long can I stay underwater and when would I have to be out?
    Another question, can snorkelers join divers?

    • Hi Deborah, I’ve done a 2hr dive at the bridge before, but you have to pay very close attention to the current. It will turn into a river quickly. On the 2hr dive, about 40 minutes of it included poor viz.

      Personally, I would skip low tide. We have friends who snorkel under the bridge, but most snorkelers stay on the snorkel trail.

  6. Am planning to go Wed the 29th which will be my first time. Where is the snorkel trail? sallie

  7. What happens if a person snorkels during low tide? I don’t really understand this chart. From the looks of it, high tide is for about 12 hours long, but that doesn’t sound right. This is all new to me.

    • Hi Torrey,
      If you snorkel at low tide, you’ll be lucky if you have 10 feet of visibility. Located the high tide of the day you want to dive. Then dive 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after the posted time. this will give you the best snorkeling conditions.

  8. Is the scuba site large enough to warrant the use of an underwater scooter? Or would bringing them be overkill for the size of the dive area? Thanks.

  9. How do you enter the water at the 3 sites? Do you have to drop from a ladder and climb back up a ladder or do you enter and exit from a beach?

  10. Hi SFS,
    What time should we be in the water to scuba dive if high tide is listed at 10:29 am on Saturday June 30th 2018?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Patty,
      It’s recommended to be in the water 30-60 minutes before high tide. With high tide being 10:29, be in the water around 9:30-10, depending on the current.

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