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Dive Site: Peanut Island MAP IT!
City: Palm Beach, Florida
Type of Dive: South Florida Snorkeling Beach Dive
Depth: 0-20 Feet
Parking: FREE parking at the marina to get on the ferry
Local Beach Cam: Palm Beach Inlet
Last Updated: 9/05/2015

Peanut Island:

Now known as Peanut Island, this area was created in 1918 as a spoil site for the material excavated from the development of the Palm Beach Inlet. Inlet Island, as it was known back then, was only 10 acres. However, the island is now 80 acres due to continued dredging of the inlet. The name Peanut Island came from a proposed peanut oil-shipping operation in the mid ’40s. Although the plans were never fulfilled, the name Peanut Island stuck to this day. In 2005, Peanut Island received a $13 million renovation which included a pier, camp sites and artificial reefs.
While most people know Peanut Island for its snorkeling and campgrounds, the island is also home to a blast shelter built for the late President John F. Kennedy shortly after his 1960 election. The former president spent many winters in Palm Beach, Florida. The Palm Beach Maritime Museum operates the bunker, which is currently open to visitors.


Map of Peanut IslandDriving Directions To Peanut Island:

If you don’t have your own boat, you can take the ferry to Peanut Island.
From I-95, take exit 74 for 45th St. and head east. Turn left (north) onto US1/Broadway, then turn right onto east 13th st. This will bring you to the Riviera Beach Marina where you can park and pick up the ferry to Peanut Island.
One of the ferry operators is Captain Joe, who is located at slip 13 (at the east-end of the road you took into the marina). As of Summer 2014, he charges a $10 round-trip fee to Peanut Island. Over-sized carry-on items are subject to additional charges. ALCOHOL IS NOT PERMITTED on Captain Joe’s boat. Signs are clearly posted and Joe will check your coolers! Consider yourself warned.

Call Captain Joe at 561-339-2504 for seasonal times and current prices.

The snorkel area of Peanut Island is south of where Captain Joe docks. Once you’re off the boat and on Peanut Island, take the walking path to the left. You will see the artificial reefs protruding from the water. These reefs continue all the way to the lagoon on the southeast edge of Peanut Island.

Like the Blue Heron Bridge, Peanut Island a tide-dependent dive. Snorkeling here is best an hour before and an hour after high tide. Please use the Blue Heron Bridge Tide Chart to find the best time to snorkel Peanut Island.

What You May See While Snorkeling Peanut Island:

Sergeant Majors, Barracuda, Schooling Fish, French Angelfish, Queen Angelfish, Trigger Fish, Stonefish, Porkfish, Tarpon, Snook, Nurse Sharks, Green Moray Eels

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Snorkeling Peanut Island In The Palm Beach Intercoastal

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